Marketing Manager

A company that provided Wellness & Nutrition services is seeking an experienced Marketing Manager to direct  Corporate Partnerships efforts. This position will be responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive wellness meal programs to offer customized meal plans, delivery services, and nutrition coaching to corporations and companies. This position will be the first of its kind and […]

Healthcare Marketing

An Assisted Living Facility is seeking an experienced and capable individual to coordinate sales and marketing efforts. This position entails identifying and approaching potential clients, negotiating and obtaining client accounts, community outreach, strategizing and implementing advertisement and marketing campaigns, increasing company awareness and generating greater sales quotients. Responsibilities: Networking and communications. Research and locate potential clients. Approach hospitals, doctors, nursing home […]

Marketing Associate

A wholesale distributor of home fixtures is seeking an experienced and capable marketing associate. This position entails coordination internal and external marketing campaigns, organizing branding and advertisement efforts on various channels, and completing other related duties.  Responsibilities: Establish work protocols, follow work progress, and ensure work quality and timeliness.  Conduct comprehensive research. Gain an understanding of company’s […]

Healthcare Sales & Marketing

A Senior Daycare Program is seeking a Sales & Marketing Representative. This position will engage in sales and marketing practices to increase the number of company patrons and spread awareness of the company's services. Responsibilities: Track industry needs and trends. Conceptualize effective ways of marketing the company's services to target audiences. Oversee the rollout of […]

Renewal Manager

An Insurance company is looking for a Marketing Manager. This position will handle existing client relations as well as new client recruitment.  Responsibilities: Conceptualize innovative methods of maintaining existing client relations and recruiting new client accounts. Review existing client accounts that are due for renewal and employ effective processes to retain client account and preserve […]