Q: How is Poel Group different from other organizations where I can promote my company's open jobs?

A: Poel Group has the leading confidential community based resume database. Poel Group is considered to be the top external hiring source for employers in the NY, NJ tri-state area. Over 500 companies have used Poel Group to search for top talent.
Why? Due to the uniqueness of our direct, face-to-face approach.
Our recruiters meet directly with our candidates, discussing their talents, job criteria and career goals. When necessary, one of our trained staff members will visit our clients and check out the company’s current operation. Based on a thorough understanding of each client's needs and each candidate’s background, our experienced recruiters work to match the right professional with the right job.
Unlike other organizations or job agencies that simply fill up your inbox with resumes regardless of suitability, Poel Group understands and values our client’s precious time and screens all resumes before passing on the top selection to our clients.

Q: What is the Poel Group’s guarantee policy if a placement should not work out?

A: The following guarantee applies to most permanent placements done by Poel Group:
Should the candidate placed by our firm leave or be terminated during the first Six (6) months of employment, The Poel Group will provide a full replacement credit.
Note: Guarantee does not cover terminations made as a result of layoffs, corporate downsizing, relocation or staffing cutbacks.

Q: If you don't currently have a position that matches my profile, can I send you my resume?

A: Yes. We suggest that you send us your resume even if there is currently no position available in your field. In the future, should a position become available that matches your expertise and interests, our confidential database system notifies us and matches it with your profile. At that point one of our recruiters will contact you and get the process moving towards your dream position.

Q: How long does it take for a resume to be processed?

A: Resumes are generally reviewed within 1-2 regular business days. If your resume matches the positon we are looking to fill, our recruiters will send it to the appropriate department for review. If they show interest in your resume, you will be notified as soon as possible. We will then contact you and arrange a meeting with you and one of our recruiters, face-to-face.
If your resume was not selected it will still remain in our database to be considered for future available positions.

Q: Do you staff people on a part-time basis?

A: No. We only place permanent fulltime employees. However, there are some placements that we do for consultants and project-based positions with a minimum of a 3 month fulltime commitment.

Q: Can I send my resume via fax?

A: No. It is very important that you apply for any position through our on-line process or our direct email.  We do not accept resumes by fax as they are not user-friendly for the search process.  In addition, a faxed resume is not presentable for the potential employer. Emailing your resume in WORD or PDF format helps both yourself and Poel Group determine if there is an appropriate match between yourself and the role offered.

Q: I submitted my resume to Poel Group and I want to speak to a recruiter. How can I reach a recruiter by phone?

A: We ask candidates to please submit all requests via email. We try our best to answer them promptly. Please understand that we preschedule to interview candidates in our office. We are generally participating in meetings. It is unfortunately not feasible to engage in phone conversations.

Q: Why doesn't Poel Group offer resume writing or resume touch up service?

A: Poel Group has a firm policy not to create or brush up any resumes. We treat our clients with 100% integrity and transparency. What we get is what we present to our clients.

Q: Who pays the fee - the candidate or the employer?

A: Fees are only paid by the employers. There is absolutely NO charge for candidates who choose to get placed in a company by Poel Group.